Artikel i personaltidningen för Folktandvården Västra Götaland

Petra Levin verksamhetschef på Uppsala Barncentrum- och vårdcentral berättar hur de framgångsrikt förbättrar sin vårdkvalitet genom KeyForCare.

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Källa: På Bettet, nr 3 2019, sid 4-5 (personaltidning för Folktandvården Västra Götaland)

Sophiahemmet patientenkät KeyForCare

Anette Natanaelsson är kund på Hälsocentralen Sophiahemmet sedan åtta år och en av patienterna som svarat på den nya digitala patientenkäten.

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KeyForCare Online trendkurva

Nu inför Sophiahemmet ett nytt digitalt verktyg för att mäta patienternas upplevelse av vården. Det innebär bland annat möjlighet till snabbare återkoppling till verksamheterna och att alla vårdtagare kan delta i Sophiahemmets förbättringsarbete.

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Biträdande verksamhetschefen Hanna Waernér på Akademiska sjukhusets kvinnoklinik berättar hur de använder KeyForCare för att hålla verksamheten på rätt kurs.

Hanna Waernér på Kvinnokliniken Akademiska sjukhuset berättar hur de utvecklar sin verksamhet med stöd av KeyForCare.

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Customers opinions

Patienternas synpunkter – en guldgruva för Sophiahemmet

“En digital patientenkät som samlar in och redovisar patienternas erfarenheter och synpunkter i realtid har hjälpt Sophiahemmet att ställa om till en patientdriven verksamhetsutveckling där patienternas förslag till förbättringar omsätts i påtagliga åtgärder."  Läs mer...

Marie Wickman Chantereau, Chief medical officer Sophiahemmet

“The points of view of patients are extremely important in order to continually improve and offer the best care. We want to make it easier and more convenient for them to provide feedback about their experiences.”  Read more...

Marie Wickman Chantereau, Chief medical officer Sophiahemmet

“We receive follow-up results from the work we do, not just inspiration for what can be improved.”  Read more...

Petra Levin, Director of Operations, Aleris Children’s Centre and Health Centre in Uppsala, (now Lideta Children’s Centre and Health Centre in Uppsala)

“KeyForCare provides a truly fantastic foundation for our improvement work. We have saved a lot of time and worry in hearing the opinions of patients and getting the patients involved. We receive digital feedback straight away with results every week and month, which we can conveniently and rapidly get out into our waiting rooms and out to our improvement groups. WeCare provides a good service with technology that works.  I am very happy to see that more and more people are starting to use KeyForCare in their clinics.”

Lotta Palmquist, Gastric and intestinal medical practices in Skövde, Falköping and Lidköping. Winner of the highest achieved customer satisfaction rating in KeyForCare in the spring of 2016

“We could see the reaction of patients to our improvement measures the following week.”


Ward manager, Danderyd Hospital


“It doesn’t cost much either."

“We get to see some encouraging reports for the week that has sent to us every Monday at 7am."

”We are finally getting immediate feedback from the patients."

“It is both positive yet somewhat challenging that patients really want to be involved in the development of healthcare. We can now forget the suggestions box and that’s good.”

With the e-mail addresses for those who want to participate and develop healthcare, we have so far tested different formulations of appointment letters. ”


Patients testimonials and the measures our customers have chosen to take

Point of view

“The loud ticking of the clock on the wall is troublesome and disturbs my sleep”


All clocks are now replaced with clocks without second hands, which are completely silent, in all healthcare rooms

“I felt that there was a lack of information during my stay on the ward in terms of meals, discharge times and other things”


We have produced an information sheet that is now available at every bed, to make your stay as pleasant as possible

“I lay for two hours without anyone telling me why my surgery had been delayed”


We have changed our routines to ensure that we are constantly up to speed when it comes to operation flow and try to notify of any possible delays.

Point of view

Point of view

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