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To further inspire and facilitate the work of patient-driven development of companies in health and medical care, we regularly offer seminars, courses and meetings for exchanging experiences.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Pelle Snårelid at pelle@keyforcare.se.



The patient does not have time to answer before the iPad restarts?

Contact suppport@keyforcare.se and ask for an extension of time, before the iPad restarts. Today, the iPad is set to restart after about 1-2 minutes of inactivity depending on the type of device.

The patient presses the icons on the iPad too hard causing a lot of strange signs to appear.

Tap the screen anywhere to remove these characters. This is probably because the person has pressed too hard/long on the iPad. If your patients are often elderly and uncomfortable using “touch screen”, we recommend that you use “touch screen pens”. You can buy these through us, contact suppport@keyforcare.se.

We want to change the response options in one dimension (service, accessibility, information, involvement/participation, care/treatment).

Send an email to suppport@keyforcare.se specifying the response options you require (based on the gross list you received from the start) as well as the response options you want to remove. Note that there is a maximum of 8 response options per dimension.

We would like another person to receive the weekly report.

Send an email to suppport@keyforcare.se specifying the person along with the email address that is to receive the report as well as the name of unit.

The iPad has switched off and no longer works.

This may be because the battery is discharged and needs to be recharged. If the fault remains, you will have to restart the iPad which you do by simultaneously holding the button on/off (top right side) and the home button (round button in the middle of the lower part of the e-reader).

We need to restart our iPad.

Restart the iPad by simultaneously holding down the on/off button (top right side) and the home button (round button in the middle of the lower part of the iPad) for about 10 seconds, or until the iPad switches off. Now restart the iPad by pressing the on/off button.


In connection with the new EU regulation GDPR, which came into effect on 25 May 2018, we have updated our handling of personal data, which means enhanced protection for you as a private individual. This means that as a private individual you have a greater opportunity of gaining an understanding into how we as a company use your personal data, an initiative that we at WeCare AB are fully behind.

The purpose of this personal data policy is to describe in the clearest and most transparent manner possible how we collect and use personal data.

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