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KeyForCare - an effective way to make use of patients´ experiences

Today, the follow-up tool KeyForCare is available at almost all of our medical practices. Here, Petra Levin at the Children’s Centre in Uppsala explains how she uses KeyForCare to develop the health centre.

– “We receive follow-up results from the work we do, not just inspiration for what can be improved,” says Petra Levin, head of operations at Aleris Children’s Centre and Health Centre in Uppsala.

KeyForCare allows patients to provide points of view and feedback on healthcare by answering a number of questions and providing comments using an iPad/e-reader. The results are presented in a clear way for the organisation and can be monitored over time.


Last year, Petra identified that certain patients wanted more information on how to improve their health. Following internal discussions about the groups that might benefit from preventive work, the health centre, among other initiatives, started a child obesity team that consists of physiotherapists, dieticians and specialist paediatric nurses. Petra says that following the launch in February 2018 they have seen positive results, and the patients are satisfied.

– “KeyForCare gives legitimacy to why we started this team, and we receive responses from satisfied patients,” Petra says.

Using the results from KeyForCare has become a routine at Aleris Children’s Centre and Health Centre. Every Monday morning on the bus, Petra reads the reports on her mobile phone and considers what to focus on during the coming week. At the morning meeting, she reads out some of the praise forwarded by patients, and asks her colleagues to reflect on the week’s report over the course of the week.

Petra often responds directly together with the staff on the wishes for improvements they highlight.

– “If we think it makes sense and does not cost anything, then there is no reason not to do it. We want our patients to be satisfied,” says Petra, “every time a patient complains it represents a failing”.

KeyForCare means Aleris Children’s Centre and Health Centre gets inspiration for improvements, can follow up on the measures they have taken and gain legitimacy for what they have done, and also are made aware of warning signs if, for example, hygiene regulations are not being observed. Being able to give the staff praise that comes directly from the patients is also a bonus. The opinions of patients have influenced everything from how they design information on the website, to telephone availability and the recruitment of staff.


Petra Levin at Aleris Children’s Centre and Health Centre has been using KeyForCare for over a year.


KeyForCare is currently available at some 100 medical practices and clinics within Aleris, and is used by several other healthcare providers across Sweden and abroad.


For more information about how Aleris uses KeyForCare, please contact Bo Wihlborg at ,

Source: http://intranet/se/artiklar/keyforcare—ett-effektivt-satt-att-ta-vara-pa-patienternas-erfarenheter/

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