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Our Customers

Continous  improvements and Best Practice

Our services are used in healthcare, dentistry and elderly care, in Sweden and internationally, in public as well as in private organisations.

Our framework agreement with SALAR, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, implies that all 21 regions in Sweden are obliged to refer to the agreement with KeyForCare. 

For several years our customers have used KeyForCare in order to obtain a concise picture of requirements and requests that patients, staff and other care beneficiaries have.  The method has facilitated their process of defining priorities and actions resulting in significant improvements for patients, elderly care beneficiaries and staff. 

We take pride in results accomplished. Please click here for some examples which can inspire your organisation

Several customers request benchmark data, in order to compare their organisation with other clinics, hospitals or regions in their endeavour for "Best Practice".


Please contact us should you desire to establish "Best Practice" in your organisation.

Vitalis seminarium 2021

 Our services  creates a culture of continuous improvement


Fertility Fusion has been using KeyForCare since June 2020. In 2021 they conducted the study “Evaluating the patient experience survey results for Fertility Fusion as a tool towards quality improvement”.


The study concludes that understanding patient satisfaction is a useful tool for successful improvement of healthcare. Visitor satisfaction in Fertility Fusion was overwhelmingly high, with an overall visitor satisfaction average score of 90% across the year. Net Promotor Score (NPS) was equally high, with an average of 82 and only one month scoring less than 70.


The majority of positive comments were pertaining staff performance while some improvements were suggested regarding information and telephone accessibility, which has since been acted upon. 

— From “Evaluating patient experience survey results for Fertility Fusion as a tool towards quality improvement” by Eleanor Gunn (4th Year Medical Student, 2022. Supervisor Mr Philip Harris.


“ KeyForCare is simply a marvellous base for working on improvement. Patient feedback and involvement has saved us a lot of time and trouble. The immediate feedback provides weekly and monthly results to share with co-workers. WeCare means secure support and a reliable technic. It is most encouraging to learn that the KeyForCare methods are being increasingly used.

— Lotta Palmquist, Stomach- and intestinal clinic, in Skövde, Falköping and Lidköping. Recipient of the prize for "KeyForCare highest marks for customer satisfaction, 2016"


 We are provided with prompt signals regarding both what works well and what problems may arise. Our employees constitute the tool for any successful operation. Here, we are indeed fortunate – and proud! – to be able to reach our goals in such an efficient and systematic way owing to the on-line surveys. 


— Alma Maslan, Head of Department for Elderly Care and Home Care for persons in Ordinary housing, Gislaved Municipality 


 Patients' views are extremely important when striving for continuous improvement and best possible medical care. Therefore, providing feedback must be as straightforward and simple as possible.


— Marie Wickman Chantereau,

Chief medical officer Sophiahemmet

Measures implemented after patient feedback

"The ticking of the clocks kept us awake"

Patients at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, Sweden, suffered from the noise from wall clocks in the wards. Consequently, all clocks with second hands were replaced and with the ticking gone, all patients went back to sleep.

Recruited a dietician

At the Lideta Childcare Centre in Uppsala, several patients desired extensive information about self care. 

With a number of young patients struggling with overweight, a dietician specialised in obesity among youth was deployed.

The gratitude from these patients could be registered after just one week.

 Clarifying your pending surgery

"I spent two hours in bed without anyone explaining why I was not rolled into surgery." 


Patient complaints helped Sophiahemmet adjust their routines in surgery with continuous updates on schedules and delays.

Simplified booking of video consultations 

One of our units is setting up a link with – the national Swedish 24/7 free health care advice service “Vårdguiden”.

When a patient contacts any medical clinic via, they can request a video consultation instead of a physical visit at the clinic.

KeyForCare in Sweden and internationally

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