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Develop and improve with real time feedback

With our system it is easy to collect feedback from patients, elderly care takers and staff. You monitor results in real time and receive weekly and monthly reports - without any extra administration.


Within a week, you can compare results between units and hospitals and follow up on patients´ quality of life after treatment.


You can also enter your own quality- and production data to find connections with the experiences expressed by patients and staff respectively. 

KeyForCare®, KeyForTeam® och KeyForChange®

 - make way for sustainable improvements that really matter

Easy to collect feedback

Via mobile text message, QR code, iPad or register device

You do not need any new equipment at your premises for using our system. 


Responses are collected via an iPad, Mobile Text Messages, QR codes or register devices - you choose what is most suitable for your organisation. 

Patients, care recipients and staff respond to a limited number of validated questions attuned to the units´ respective specialisations.

The series of questions is developed and validated in close cooperation with healthcare professionals, patients and staff within the public as well as the private sector. There is also an option to formulate  your own questions.

All questions are available in 19 languages.  

Results in real time

From a general overview to concrete ideas on improvement

​In our online system, results are available in real time. You can continuously monitor praise and proposals for improvements, which provide you with an immediate and concise picture of the current situation - and what could be ameliorated.


You can assess patient satisfaction for the different aspects of care and treatment provided, detect trends and elaborate on differences between units, clinics, hospitals and regions.


For aspects of care receiving lower ratings by the patients, you are given in-depth insight and a relevant foundation for decision-making and possible action for improvement.

Results are also presented in reports distributed via e-mail weekly and monthly.



Motivates action

Establishes a culture of ongoing improvement

The instantaneous feedback to managers and staff leads to incentive for action and follow up. Our method secures a base for conclusions on priorities and improvements which will make a true difference for your patients and elderly receiving home care, as well as for co-workers.


Usually even minor adjustments have a strong impact. The immediate follow-up of an implemented measure will confirm if one is on the right track and possibly lead to additional input.


Read more about how our customers apply their results.

KeyForCare® | PREM

Measuring the level of satisfaction at the visit/discharge

KeyForCare® | PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measures) measures the patient's experience of a visit at a clinic or stay at a ward.

The questionnaire is adapted to the specialisation of the clinic or ward. The patients give their general opinon on various aspects of the care provided, and specific suggestions to what can be improved. 

The opportunity to furnish ideas and suggestions is highly appreciated and frequently used. Patients and recipients of elderly care may also become directly involved in the subsequent process of change.

KeyForCare® | PROM

Following up a treatment or a surgery

KeyForCare® | PROM  (Patient Reported Outcome Measure) is an automated follow up of a patient's treatment or surgery.

Some time after treatment or surgery, patients receive a text message with a few questions regarding life quality, general wellbeing and possible complications. This survey is met with a high response rate and constitutes a complement to the standard medical quality measures.   

Results may be correlated with national measures and targets and with respective organisation´s production or quality data. 


KeyForCare® | Elderly Care

Beneficiaries in elderly care give their views on home care

KeyForCare® | Elderly Care addresses organisations engaged in elderly- and home care. 

Experiences within home care and nursing homes are measured at certain dates, at which the beneficiaries give their opinions on an iPad. Our experience shows that over 80% of the elderly can do this.


The results can be compared with views from relatives and staff. Results can also be compared with national measurements and production or quality data from the organisation. 



Feedback from staff

KeyForTeam® measures experiences from staff and collects their views on issues such as patient security, use of resources, management and governance etc. 

In order to boost the efficiency of your process of change, issues are addressed one at a time and presented directly after the survey being conducted. Current issues are highlighted and co-workers motivated to process the results, and work with improvements when they are most relevant.



Monitoring on a daily basis

KeyForChange® is our system and method for monitoring the organisation on a daily basis. The correlation between patients and staff, production and medical outcome measures and any other key figures, are displayed in distinct graphs.


The online system also provides data for benchmarking with different operations, both inside and outside of your hospital and region.


It can also be used for following up on new implementations of routines and measures in realtime. Immediate feedback and early warning signals provide a secure basis for your priorities and will clarify the outcome of efforts made. When implementing new work procedures and routines, feedback and continued monitoring is offered per minute, work shift, day, week or month.






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