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We wish to contribute to "Best Practice"

Do you want to join us on the road?

We want to future-proof a high quality in health care, dentistry and elderly care.  Our services should motivate your staff and generate incentive to achieve true improvements.


Through straightforward feedback from patients, elderly care beneficiaries and co-workers, your ambition for continuous improvements will be based on the experience from the very people you want to assist and care for.  We are proud of all the attention and response our contributions have encountered.

Several customers in Sweden request benchmarking data in their quest for higher quality and “Best Practice” within medical care, dentistry and social care.


Want to participate in the movement for "Best Practice"?

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Specialised in health care and elderly care

Services constantly  improved 

Our method and services are constantly being improved in close cooperation with our customers. This ongoing collaboration also includes researchers and any other relevant stakeholder. Development is also based on findings from validated scientific reports.    

WeCare was founded in 2016 by Pelle Snårelid, Marie Palmér Bergholm and Per Palmér. 

WeCare AB owns and develops the services KeyForCare®, KeyForTeam® and KeyForChange®. 


Services provided rest on nearly 30 years of experience from our joint contribution to the development of healthcare organisations, solutions for digital systems and customer- and employee surveys.


We are a step ahead

Swift, innovative and research based 

It goes without saying that we always try to refine our services, methodology and upgrade our system in order to even further support our customers in their practical and strategic development work. 

Weekly and Monthly reports are clear and perspicuous. Our OnLine system with real time data incorporates the latest features adapted for current requirements. 

Customers can easily incorporate their own data in order to detect connections between patient experience, employee feedback and data for e.g. medical quality and production.


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We make it happen

Immediate feedback boosts motivation

We make it easy - and fun! - to engage in knowledge based management and continuous improvement work.  

Your organisation will be boosted by praise and suggestions on improvements from patients, care beneficiaries and staff.  The quick feedback on actions taken generate even more involvement and active participation from your employees. 

Our services motivates and offer incentives to implement changes that really make a difference 


Please, do no hesitate to contact us should you have more questions, wish to join a course or be part of our customer forum where experiences of continuous improvements and "Best Practice" is shared


Our team

Pierre de Flon

Account Manager


Patrik Andersson

IT-support and Developer


Kenneth Lim

Solutions Architect


Eric San


lotta bild.png

Lotta Kollberg

Support and Administration

Advisory Board

Our advisory board for development and innovation secures a high scientific standard at the forefront of patient related health care development.

The advisory board is our think tank for discussions and joint consultations on possible ways forward and contributes with external monitoring within research and science.

Johan Permert, Peter Graf and Richard Wahlund form this board, act independently of the company’s management and everyday activities.

johan permert.jpg

Johan Permert

Johan Permert has been a surgeon since 1981 with professional experience of various levels of healthcare work. He has been at Karolinska University Hospital since 1994, and Professor at Karolinska Institutet since 2004.

Johan has built up Karolinska’s Innovation activities in collaborations with the business sector and the establishment of Innovationsplatsen (Innovation Centre).

He has also been CIO and CTO as well as development and innovation director for Karolinska for the period 2011-2016.


Richard Wahlund

Richard Wahlund is a Professor at the Department of Marketing and Strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics. He is the holder of the Bonnier Family Professor in Business Administration, especially media. He is also heading the Center for Media and Economic Psychology and was Prefect of the Department of Marketing and Strategy at SSE for almost ten years (2009-2018). 


His main teaching and research, notably using quantitative methods, focus e.g. on consumer behaviour, business and marketing strategy and communications, research methodology, economic psychology, business ethics and risk management.


Patient Advisory Team

KeyForCare services are constantly evaluated together with patients, professionals and leaders within healthcare and care. We are now establishing a more formalized cooperation with representatives for patients through a “Patient Advisory Team”, which will work with a systematic evaluation and development of our services.

Development Team

Our development teams will secure that our services fit the needs of our customers. 

The focus and composition of those teams vary over time. Presently, a group of representatives from public and private primary healthcare initiates ideas for added functions in the system. The group then remains a sounding board when ideas are developed and refined – which guarantees the relevance for each new input.

Another added resource to be introduced is a development team to support stakeholders in social and elderly care.  

Please note: You are most welcome to contact us should you be interested in participating in this group.

Get in touch!



CRtP believes business is driven by structure, and personal relationships.

CRtP advise and create for their customers the right structure to develop theirbusiness, based on CrtP extensive knowledge and experience of doing thissuccessfully for others.
CRtP uses its relationships with global strategic decision-makers, to pinpoint in advance, the best credible prospects for their customers and the best way to communicate with them.

From start-up to large corporate, CRtP provides structured, yet simple, support.  


Health Tech Nordic represents a fast-growing network company with more than 250 Nordic start-ups that offer a variety of solutions within Healthtech. Nordisk Healthtech strengthens the individual, patients as well as professionals. It is a paradigm shift, which provides new and better ways to give and receive care.

EIDO Healthcare provides a complete and comprehensive range of content, processes, systems and solutions to successfully manage and deliver informedconsent. EIDO Healthcare deliver content and cloud-based solutions designed to support health professionals in achieving excellence in obtaining and recording informedconsent from patients. EIDO consent solutions can be bought directly by hospitals or seamlessly integrated into third-party healthcare technologysystems. 

Their solutions are used in over 65% of NHS hospitals and 85% of privatehospitals.


Comaea is the world leader in solutions for strategic competence management (Competency Management Solutions).


With its cloud-based and integrated software, Comaea offers a safe and simple system where best-practice processes and methods provide support for management's work with the company's or organization's human capital (Human Capital Management). ​


Comaea provides companies and organizations with secure technology with high scalability. The customers are located all over the world and are assisted by Comea's offices in Stockholm, Singapore, Dubai and London.


Swecare is a unique platform where academia, private and public sector unite for increased export and internationalization of Swedish healthcare and life science.


Swecare was founded in 1978 by the Swedish government together with the healthcare industry, as a semi-governmental non-profit foundation. Today, Swecare has around 550 companies and organizations in the network.

Axel Health är ett finskt IT-tjänsteföretag som erbjuder hälso- och sjukvårdens medarbetare effektiva verktyg för hantering av patientflöden och resurser. Bolaget utvecklar human teknologi för att förbättra upplevelsen om vårdflödetför både patienten och vårdgivaren.

Axel Health hjälper vårdgivare och patienter att mötas smidigt på rätt plats vid rätt tidpunkt. I Finland är bolaget marknadsledande inom sin bransch.  


WeCare is expanding

The new framework agreement with SALAR, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, enables us to cooperate with all 21 health care regions in Sweden. While now also expanding internationally, we need to strenghten our IT-organisation within development and integration, as well as sales.
Want to contribute to better health care, improved elderly care and more satisfied employees? If so, a small growth company like WeCare can offer an interesting job. We have a sophisticated platform for real time feedback from patients, beneficiaries in elderly care and employees
We are looking for someone who has knowledge and a great interest in working with IT in development and integration. You will be part of a team where many different tasks are included such as integration, IT support and development.  You should be able to work in MySQL, have a basic knowledge of PHP, and be able to use MDM solutions. It is great if you know some UI/UX. You will have a lot of contact with customers for planning and support of integrations. Thus you must be fluent in Swedish and English. We expect you to be self-motivated, seek information and knowledge for questions that arise and contribute to improving our service.
We are also looking for a Key Account Manager (KAM). With a deep understanding of the specific conditions and challenges that exist within the health sector, we expect you to be able to contribute with new knowledge and new ideas to further refine our services. We see that you have a background in consultancy, sales and project management. You must be able to work independently, and strive to create valuable results for our customers.

We can offer a rewarding and inspiring role in an environment  of entrepreneurship where we with together create the best possible value for our customers. 


Being a small startup company, we are open and flexible regarding both working model and remuneration.

Please forward your application no later than May 30th, 2023. We will conduct interviews on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions, please contact CEO Pelle Snårelid by e-mail.


Welcome to join We Care!

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