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In our work we aim for simplicity, high quality and to develop our services in a sophisticated way using the latest technology - all in order to constantly remain at the cutting edge. We want to be a credible partner and offer our customers the best possible solutions. 

We enjoy working together and contribute with our various experiences and skills that we have built up over the years. We have worked with the health and medical care sector in developing the organisations,  developed advanced digital solutions and built advanced systems for human capital as well as for surveys. Helping to improve for both the patients and for health and medical care providers is meaningful to us.

We strive to make our service easily accessible and enjoyable to work with for those who participate in the surveys as well as for those who use the results. Our users can monitor real-time data from patients using our OnLine system.



WeCare AB owns and develops the services contained in KeyForCare. The company started in 2016 and is owned by Pelle Snårelid, Marie Palmér Bergholm and Per Palmér. We have over 25 years of experience in building systems, customer and employee surveys and developing companies in the health and medical care sector.

Together with the various healthcare operators; hospital management, unit managers, healthcare professionals and researchers, our in-house development and innovation council (UIR), patient council and through a review of validated scientific studies and patient questionnaires, we have designed a methodology and a tool that meets the needs of strategic and practical information for the management and development of patient-centric healthcare. Our system supports the work on constant improvements and value-based care in a simple way where the customer is at the centre.


Patrik Andersson


Kenneth Lim

Solutions Architect

Eric San



Pelle Snårelid


Marie Palmér Bergholm

Principal Consultant
Health Communication


Our Development and Innovation Council ensures that our service maintains a high level of scientific quality and is at the cutting edge of the patient-driven organisation's care development.

UIR is our sounding board with specialist expertise, and is available for giving advice, discussing and consulting on development opportunities, research conditions and business intelligence.

Johan Permert, Richard Wahlund and Jörgen Larsson currently make up our Development and Innovation Council (UIR). UIR is independent in relation to the company’s activities, its management and governance.

Johan Permert

Johan Permert has been a surgeon since 1981 with professional experience of various levels of healthcare work. He has been at Karolinska University Hospital since 1994, and Professor at Karolinska Institutet since 2004.

Johan has built up Karolinska’s Innovation activities with collaborations with the business sector and the establishment of Innovationsplatsen (Innovation Centre).

He has also been CIO and CTO as well as development and innovation director for Karolinska for the period 2011-2016.

Richard Wahlund

Richard Wahlund is a professor of business administration at the Stockholm School of Economics, where he received his PhD in Economic Psychology in 1991.

This has been the theoretical starting point in the lion’s share of his research, which mainly deals with consumer behaviour and people’s decision-making. He has primarily worked with quantitative research methods.

Richard has been head of the Department of Marketing and Strategy at the School of Economics, and the Research Centre for Media and Economic Psychology. He has also been head of department at Stockholm University.

Jörgen Larsson

Jörgen Larsson is professor emeritus in surgery and has previously been head of department and dean for education at Karolinska Institutet (KI). He was a member of the Nobel Assembly at KI covering the years 1996-2014.

He has experience of healthcare and medical and academic leadership both in Linköping and Stockholm. He was head of operations for a total of fourteen years at the GastroCentrum and Innovationsplatsen (Gastro Centre and Innovation Centre), at Karolinska University Hospital. Chair of the Swedish Surgical Society 2004 – 2008.

Previously responsible for the Karolinska University Hospital’s overseas and foreign operations. Currently he works as an advisor and consultant for development and research issues related to international cross-border healthcare.



KeyForCare is constantly being developed in close cooperation with healthcare representatives, both with patients and with operational managers and management. In the spring of 2019, a patient council will be formed that will work with more systematic monitoring and development of the services.




HealthTech Nordic represents a fast-growing community of 250+ high potential Nordic startups, offering a variety of empowering solutions within healthtech. Nordic healthtech empowers the individual, patients as well as professionals. It’s a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare.


Indikator has participated in the development of National Patient Survey and conducted surveys within all of Sweden’s county councils, hospitals and healthcare centres.

Indikator (quality indicator institute) has a framework agreement in place with the Swedish Municipalities and County Council (SKL) regarding the monitoring of patient-experienced quality in Sweden’s county councils.

The framework agreement covers all forms of surveys adapted to suit needs and target groups, excluding what we call paper questionnaires.


Comaea is the world leader in Strategic Competency Management Solutions.

Using its cloud-based and integrated software, Comaea offers a secure and simple system where best-practice processes and methods support the work of managers with the human capital management of the company or organisation.

Comaea provides companies and organisations with reliable technology with a high scalability.

Customers are situated all over the world and are assisted by Comea’s offices in Stockholm, Singapore, Dubai and London.


Swecare is a unique platform where academia, public and private sector join forces toward enhanced export and internationalization of Swedish health care and life science.


Swecare acts as a door opener for companies and organizations looking to access ministerial speaking partners, business contacts or collaborators.


Game changer and leading provider of ICT tools and platform for care orchestration, clinical workflow, messaging, task management and mobility. Patient –, Clinical – and Service Logistics.