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KeyForCare  -  agreement with SALAR  

A swift launch without added administration and results presented in real time.

In May 2020 we signed a framework agreement with SALAR - the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. As a consequence, all 21 regions are obliged to invoke this contract following regulations for National Patient Surveys. 

KeyForCare® is a comprehensive and systematic solution, easily implemented with no extra administration.

Patient experience is collected via an iPad at the clinic, a QR code or via text messages to a mobile phone.

Results are displayed in real time in our digital system and reports are distributed via e-mail weekly and monthly.

KeyForCare facilitates knowledge-driven management for improvements and development locally, and for management and control at various levels within the health care sector. 

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Our methodology

A knowledge-driven operation based on real time  data

Implement and update

We will prepare a custom-made survey for your operation, where you select language and questions. We can rephrase and update questions when desired, e.g. to follow up on a specific action.


Results are presented in real time in our OnLine system. Reports are distributed via e-mail weekly and monthly.  

Analysis and Evaluation

Observe trends, compare between units and hospitals, identify improvements called for and follow up on measures implemented


Patients respond via an iPad at the clinic, a QR code or via a text message sent to their mobile phone after the visit. 

Act and Improve

Introduce measures which truly make a difference and share your experiences with other units



Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have more questions.

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