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Take this opportunity to manage your organisation based on profound insight in what really matters for patients, elderly with home care and staff.  Since we are liaising with customers in Sweden and internationally on a daily basis, we learn about improvements generated by the surveys. 

Do not miss the chance to be inspired by our seminars, courses, webinars or platforms for exchange of experiences within health care, dentistry and elderly care. 

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The patient does not find enough time to reply before the tablet reboots

Please contact and request a prolonged standby sequence. The tablet is pre-set to re-start automatically after 1-2 minutes of inactivity. The time varies between different units.   

When a patient pushes too hard on the tablet, a number or irrelevant symbols occur on the screen

Just touch the screen again, anywhere - but lightly - and all marks will disappear. This normally happens because a person presses on the screee too long/hard. Sometimes elderly persons are unfamiliar with touch screens then it may be wise to use tablet pens. You can purchase those via

We wish to alter the list of available response alternatives in one section (service, accessability, information, participation, care/treatment)

Please send an e-mail to and specify which response alternative your would Iike to remove and which you would like to add. Check the original order form. Please remember that there can be maximum 8 separate alternatives within any dimension, including "other".

My reading tablet has gone out and is not working

The battery may be discharged. If the problem remains, try to reboot the tablet: Push the On/Off button (top right) and at the same time the Home button (the round button in the centre on the lower part).

We need to reboot our iPad

Push the On/Off button (top right) and at the same time the Home button (the round button in the centre on the lower part) for 10 seconds or until the tablet goes off. Then restart normally using the On/Off button.

We wish to add anothert staff member as recipient of weekly and monthly reports

Please, send an e-mail to and specify unit, name and e-mail address of recipient. 

I wish to log in and monitor my results

Push the button "Login" at the top of this page and then sign in with your e-mail address  and your given password. 

We wish to allocate a login to yet another staff member

Please, e-mail and specify name and e-mail address to this person, plus for which units results may be accessible. 

I have forgotten my login password

Push the button "Login" at the top of this page, submit your e-mail address and then push "Forgotten my password". You will then receive an e-mail where you can register a new password and thereafter log onto the system.



We follow all regulations

We work in harmony with EU regulation GDPR from May 25, 2018. Following this decree, we updated our administration of personal records in order to further strengthen your integrity. As a private citizen, you have the right to know how we handle your personal information. WeCare AB fully appreciates this EU  initiative.

The purpose of this personal data policy is to decribe, in a clear and transparent way, how we collect and utilise personal records.


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