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KeyForCare | Real-time patient feedback


KeyForCare creates the conditions for the patient-driven development of companies in the health- and medical care sector. We measure the views of patients and staff in terms of healthcare and the organisation, and can monitor the patients over time to see where improvements are most needed along the patient’s journey. The written improvement proposals from patients provide invaluable input for our healthcare providers.

KeyForCare has been developed in collaboration with both public and private operators in the health and medical care sector, and is currently used at more than 100 healthcare providers in Sweden and internationally. Our customers are in healthcare, primary care, dental care, nursing and special care. Every month we collect over 10,000 patient responses that are sent to 250 managers each week and month. We also provide our customers with an OnLine system where the experiences and points of view of patients can be monitored in real time.

The founders of KeyForCare each have over 25 years of experience in the development of organisations and companies in the health- and medical care sector, strategic customer- and employee surveys, and the development of advanced cloud-based and user-friendly systems for customer surveys as well as  systems for Strategic Competency Management Solutions.


We aim for simplicity and high quality. We develop our services in a sophisticated way by using the latest technology in order to constantly remain at the cutting edge. We are in a position where we can offer our customers the best possible solutions.


Introducing KeyForCare into your organisation is easy and requires little effort from your staff. The results are presented in a clear and easy-to-use way, delivered in an enjoyable user interface based on the best available technology.


WeCare is the only company with expertise in health and medical care that develops and sells a real-time service for providing patient feedback. Get in touch if you want to know more, info@keyforcare.se

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