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Marie Palmér Bergholm



I am one of the founders and happy to  contribute with my experience and knowledge in an area that is close to my heart. 

My lifelong interest in psychology, communication and desire to obtain an insight into health care has brought me exciting assignments of different kinds. I have worked  as strategic consultant, designing and implementing customer satisfaction surveys and staff surveys. I have also established a Career Center at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.  As a doctoral student at the Stockholm School of Economics, I learnt about compliance – The patient as an active decision maker – the processing of information and its´ effect on compliance” (EFI Research Paper 6446, 1991); and at Stanford University, USA,  I was engaged in a big health communication project – “Why do physicians fail in practicing preventive medicine?” (thesis presented for a degree in Master of Arts, Department of Communication Research, Stanford University, February 1989, EFI Research Paper 6458, 1991) 

As a consultant, I was also involved in a project at the Youth clinic in Uppsala aiming to bring down the level of STD (sexually transmitted diseases) among students; and I co-wrote an article for a PhD by Tanja Tydén, “Evaluation of an STD-Prevention Program for Swedish University Students", (Journal of American College Health, vol. 47, no 2, September 1998).

Jag har alltid varit intresserad av psykologi, kommunikation och undersökningar med inriktning mot hälso- och sjukvård, vilket lett mig till spännande uppdrag.


Founder of WeCare AB, 2015, Head of development, analyses and design of tools for data collection and communication.


Founder and CEO, ComCare AB, 1996, consultancy enterprise focusing on management coaching, conversational therapy and client- and employee surveys.


At the Stockholm School of Economics, SSE, I have taught in market analyses and marketing communicating (1985-1990,1998), initiated SSE:s Career Service Center (1998) and assumed responsibility for SSE Quality Assurance (2010-2014).


As a senior consultant with Kirstein Walerud AB (1991-1995), I carried out quality assessment and development of products and services within the private sector as well a municipalities and health regions.


Head of business area at research institute IMU-Testologen (1995-1996) and market analyst at Travel and Tourism Council of Sweden (1990-1991).


Master of Science in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics (1985) 

Master of Arts in Applied Communication Research, Stanford University, USA, (1987-1989) focusing on Health Communication

Postgraduate Studies in Economic Psychology at Stockholm School of Economics (1986-1989)

Diploma Psychosynthesis Therapist at PsykosyntesAkademin in Stockholm (1995-1999)

University Studies in psychology, psychiatry and cognitive behavioral therapy (2014-2015)

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