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Per Palmér

I am one of the three founders of WeCare. My main role is to develop and design technical solutions and to monitor and support those i order to guarantee that the system succeeds to be well  functioning. I am thrilled by the possiblities that the new technology offers and devote myself to develop sophisticated and state of the art solutions easy and fun to use. With nearly 30 years of experience we are able to offer the best possible solution for real time data.


Per is widely recognised as a pioneer within the development of cloudbased IT-solutions.  Since 1991, he has invented IT-methods for surveys and improvement of competence and human capital to benefit medium-sized and big organisations within both the public and private sector, in Sweden as well as internationally. 


For 25 years, he has worked  as consultant in Sweden and internationally and carried out more than 100 substantial surveys and assessments, many of which have been published in Etikbarometern, HR, Alignment  Review, Säljbarometern, Kompetensbarometern and others.


As an entrepreneur, Per has founded or co-founded enterprises like Prohunt, 3S, Comaea, CSVRaiting, ArticBear and now WeCare. Comaea`s cloud-based strategic competence solution is an important part of many companies´ and organzations´ strategic work in Sweden, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering, Linköping University, Sweden

Studies in Organisational Theory and Organisational Psychology

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